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China , Sep 22nd, 2017

Top foods you must try in Xi'an (Savoury Edition)

Xi'an, the capital of the Shaangxi province in China, is famous for its street food, especially those found at Muslim Street (also known as ...

China , Sep 18th, 2017

Things to do in Xi'an for 2 days

We followed this itinerary for our 2 day trip to Xi'an, from going to the Terracotta Warrior Museum, bike riding along the Xi'an City Wall, ...

China , Sep 13th, 2017

Top tourist scams in China and how to avoid them

If you aren't a local to China, or even whichever city you are visiting, expect to fall for tourist traps in China! However, they can be avo...

China , Sep 8th, 2017

Top 5 Beijing traditional sweets you must try

China is probably not well known for its desserts, but you can still find sweets! Chinese desserts are usually lighter than Western desserts...

China , Sep 3rd, 2017

What to do in Beijing for 4 Days

Beijing, the capital of China, is a megacity rich in history. It became China’s capital in the Qing dynasty, from the mid 1600s. As you can...