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A guide to visiting the Tegalalang Rice Terraces

One of the most iconic symbols of Ubud, Tegalalang rice terraces is a must-visit during your stay at Ubud! Here’s a quick guide on how to get there.

Getting to Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Daniel and I organised a hire car and driver (or taxi, as the Balinese would call it, although not a taxi in the traditional sense) on the morning that we wanted to go at around 9am. It cost us 220k in total and it covered: transport to and from the rice terraces. The driver would wait for us at the car park. The whole trip takes roughly 20-30 min by car. We didn’t get an Uber for this trip because we wanted to secure a trip back to the hotel. Getting an Uber in Ubud can be extremely tricky (and dangerous for you and especially the driver - read about our experience with Uber in Bali here), and are also far and few in between.

Where do you find these taxis?

Taxis in Ubud aren’t what you are used to, probably. Taxis here don’t have a sign saying taxi, and most just look like big cars or vans, with a driver standing outside trying to get business. Well in Ubud, they are everywhere - usually you will find some taxi drivers in front of your accommodation. We were staying at Alaya Ubud Resort, and just outside the hotel there was a car park with (on average) 4-6 taxis.

By chance we happened to find a really good driver who spoke great English. His name is Made Landung (+61 81 79725177 / +62 82 236363176), and he drove us around Ubud and also down to Seminyak in October 2017.

Made Landung
Made Landung's details - he's a great driver, highly recommend!

Entry to the Rice Terraces and Beyond

View of the ticket office to Tegalalang Rice Terraces
View of the ticket office to Tegalalang Rice Terraces - buy your tickets here

Once you are at the entry, you’ll be required to pay a small fee, 15k pp. From the ticketing area, Walk downwards and then turn left onto the road. From here onwards it’s a straight road to get to the Rice Terraces!

Ticket office to Tegalalang Rice Terraces
Ticket office to Tegalalang Rice Terraces - buy your tickets here

On the way you’ll pass by lots of stores selling traditional Balinese artwork and some cafes which are great in case it gets too hot.

Stores along the road Tegalalang
Stores along the road going to Tegalalang Rice Terraces
The road going to Tegalalang Rice Terraces
Walking on the road going to Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Views of the rice terraces
Views of the rice terraces

It gets quite chaotic here at around 10am, which is when we got there. Would strongly recommend getting there earlier if it isn’t wet season! If it’s the wet season, what we noticed was that there would be a few brief showers in the morning until around 8:30am to 9am.

Tip: Not far from the entrance is a “Love Bali” sign which is famous on Instagram.

As you explore the Rice Terraces and climb higher and higher, there are farmers gate keeping certain areas of the Terraces. Remember that these are donations to keep the tourist attraction sustainable and running and also supporting the local community so please be generous! They aren’t asking for much, maybe 10k to 20k at a time. :)

Exploring higher parts of the terraces
Exploring the higher parts of the rice terraces.

Tip: if you like to travel with just a credit card, get some cash before visiting the Tegalalang Rice Terraces!